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Rituals for Awakening: Let’s Celebrate the Light!

Whether you believe in ascension or the dawning of a new age, celebrate the ‘holy days’ of Hannukah or Christmas, or the Winter Solstice, there is no doubt that this time of year is imbued with the energy of love and light, hearth and hope. Perhaps we are guided in these cosmic celebrations by age […]

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Sea of Love

Much of what passes for awareness is a surface assumption and there’s an aspect of you that conspires to keep it so. Because if you allowed yourself to feel, sense and know the truth that is your essence, it would crack the outer shell of a humpty dumpty world. One of the main symptoms of […]

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Welcome to the 21-Day Free Your Essence Experience. You are about to engage on a collective adventure where you will come to experience the energy of what’s true. Conscious Energy Shifts are a collective act of power. You bring your intention to the shift powerfully and leaderfully. This is not an exercise of the intellect, […]

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The Festival of Lights

The mind should be trained to be a servant of the heart. Logic should serve love. And then life can become a festival of lights. Osho What’s true doesn’t live in your mind, it dwells in your heart. Feeling is a much more accurate indicator of knowing than thinking. The realm of the mind is […]

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Free Your Abundance

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life. Wayne Dyer There is so much association of money to abundance programmed in our modern culture that it often feels as if we’ve lost our way. Wherever you turn, whether it’s television ads, magazine covers or emails in your inbox, the focus […]

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