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You Can’t Lose What Isn’t Yours

There is nothing to fear, because we don’t have anything to lose. All that can be robbed from you is not worthwhile, so why fear, why suspect, why doubt? Osho If fear has become as comfortable as a well worn pair of slippers, it may be difficult to separate yourself from it. You might notice […]

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The Simplicity of Infinite Possibility

Tell the truth. How often do you focus on the inconsequential ‘boo hoo’, the opportunities missed,┬áthe loss and pain of the less than litany of disappointments? Is it any wonder that as much as you ‘say’ you want a different world, the same one keeps showing up on your doorstep. Life can seem ruthless when […]

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Gratitude is a Manifestation Tool

Most of us had the phrase ‘thank you’ drilled into us as a basic social concept. It seemed to me to be more about the appropriateness of the action than the energy behind it. But just like so many of the mundane habits that are part of our software programming the meaning behind this powerful […]

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