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A New Year Ritual to Craft Your Visionary Manifesto

Are you busy crafting your New Year Resolutions? Me neither. I do, however, create my own rituals to invoke awareness and unleash the creative power of my intentions. Rituals are a powerful way to create sacred portals where you mingle with the Divine. A new year is a doorway to a dimension of infinite imaginings. […]

Celebrate Your 3 Circles of Gratitude

No matter how enlightened you feel, there will be times of disconnection and darkness. If you find yourself in an energy down swing, and you don’t have your gratitude tools with you, it’s helpful to have some wherever, whatever tools to tap into your gratitude groove. Here’s a simple energy technique that I use that […]

Awakening is the Ultimate Hero’s Adventure

It’s time to wake up, isn’t it? Don’t you feel the new calling you.? Awakening is the Ultimate Hero’s Adventure. There’s a stream of becoming that wants to live thru you as you. What if… today you say, ‘Yes!’ Journaling Prompt: Grab your favorite writing implements and take 5 minutes to explore what you’re ON […]

4 Tips to Flexing Your Receiving Muscle

Have you noticed that a BIG Shift is a great opportunity to flex your receiving muscle? If you’re the self sufficient, self starter, get it done type this might prove to be a particularly challenging task. Not only do BIG Shifts require support, you also need to start asking for what you want and need. […]

How to Quickly Do an Energy Clearing

Most of us have the ingrained habit of holding onto things way past their shelf date. We hold on to so many things that cause us a great deal of pain, stress and suffering. Instead of allowing ourselves to be stress free and happy we cling to the old and familiar ways of doing and […]