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Envisioning The New Year: How To Play In Time

There are certain points in the year that feel like portals, doorways, pathways, pointers… yes? This time of year feels like it. My body and being always go into reflect mode at this time. It says . . . Feel…  Sense…  Know… So I reflect on this year. It was a doozy in SO many […]

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3 Ways to Create Your Yearly Vision Board

How do you plan for your New Year? Do you set goals and objectives? Do you make a plan and put it into action? I’ve tried lots of ways of ways of mapping out the coming year, it is a natural rhythm at this time of year. I’ve found that creating a vision board is […]

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How to Go From Here to There: The Evolutionary Dance in 3 Steps

This business of personal growth can be exhausting or exhilarating. What if you considered another pathway. One that allowed you to experience both – or any flavor in between – without judgment? What if you chose to experience the evolutionary adventure as a dance. . . one where you lead and follow, one where you improvise […]

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The Power of ONE to Get Things Done

Ever set a big intention, mapped it out and wound up in the wrong place? When you find yourself off the path, it’s disconcerting to find your way back. There are no missteps that aren’t relevant to your desired outcome. As you move in the direction of your heart’s desire you find your way to the […]

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