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3 Ways to Build Community Online (and Grow Your Business)

There are many ways to find customers and clients online, but nothing beats building a community of people who know you and love your work. Finding new customers for your programs, products and services is exhausting and expensive. It’s also not a sustainable long term strategy. Building relationships with people you serve brilliantly is hands down […]

3 Steps to Create Your Own Viral Quote Graphics

It’s no secret that visuals boost the quality and success of any marketing content on the web. Whether it’s a webpage, a blog post, or an ebook, image choices can make the difference between someone clicking on a post or passing it up completely. This holds especially true for quote graphics. If you missed my […]

How to Use Visual Content to Market Your Business

My business has been on low vibe for the past three years now. As I dive back in and reassess some of my previous business strategies not everything fits. So I’ve let them go. In the 13 years I’ve had my own business, I’ve experienced time and again that if it’s not in alignment it’s not for me. […]

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