The Smell of Candles

When I smell a candle it evokes Stillness, sacredness, timelessness It creates a crevice in space, The eternal knowing seeps thru Gathers me in a wispy cloud And melds into my being When I smell a candle it transports me thru time and the slivers of space in between It propels me thru the web […]

My Personal Truth

I shine the light on my personal truth today I know that I can trust my vulnerability My tender core leads me to a land of daily miracles Where fear is transformed to joy and approval is transformed into self love It beckons the flexible, morph-able me . . . I allow what wants to […]

My Heart Song

My heart song sounds like plucking strings and resonant chords Orchestrating my soul’s melody My heart song sounds like echoing heels on marble floors Harp songs and lilting voices, prayers in ancient tongues My heart song sounds like crashing waves on still shores Turbulence and peace, laughter and tears

Love Is

Love is moist dewdrops on flower tops, kissing gently and giving life Love is langorous rubs on a kitten’s warm purring belly, yummmm Love is waves lapping gently against the shore, a brief embrace Love is sunrise on a crispy day, beaming rays of warmth Love is the stillness of the woods, crunching steps echoing […]

Being Vulnerable

I¬† witness¬† vulnerability. As I plunge into its depths, I notice . . . the nervousness and trepidation in baring myself I wonder how much of me the other can contain before he judges, separates or withholds. Being vulnerable is soft, yet strong. It bends under gale force winds Absorbs gleaming rays of strongest light […]