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Enjoy The Little Things

Holidays and holy days are a wonderful time to pull in and reflect. They’re dimensional portals of collective energy that we can buy into or transcend. You choose, darlings! Thanksgiving can be a time of gathering with family and friends, enjoying a great meal and noticing the goodness of life. It still is that for […]

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How to Handle Intense Emotions During Challenging Times

Emotions are my thing, a playground I’m well versed in. Life has tossed me off the deep end again and again so I’ve gained some experience. Today I ┬ámove through emotions more confidently. It’s been hard won. It doesn’t mean it’s easy now, but I know I won’t be annihilated by the way I feel. […]

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Sitting With Death and Choosing Life

Have you experienced loss recently? Whether it’s the death of a loved one or a way of life it takes tremendous resources to navigate the sea of change. Some of us have local communities that can support us in trying times. Sometimes we don’t have access to those communities, for whatever reason. It could be […]

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