6 Things to Post in Your Gratitude Journal

It's a boon and a blessing, in times of upheaval and massive change, to engage in the reassuring rhythm of self-nurturing rituals. Most true happiness comes from the inner dimension of your being. In these trying times, it can be a temptation to downplay the importance of nurturing your inner world.

And yet, it is this very simple practice of self-care that will reap you untold rewards. Inner reflection on what's right in your world will ripple out in your ‘real world,' and before you know it your world will be colored by a different hue… one of infinite awareness of the wonder that is your life.

Each thought that is welcomed and recorded is a nest egg, by the side of which more will be laid. Henry David Thoreau

As far as journaling practices go, you can abide by trusted traditions, or you can create your own. That's the nature of ritual, it's personal and powerful. While you can rant and rave about what's wrong, I suggest you focus on what's right. It will expand your awareness of the abundance already existing in your world.

Here are just two elements to consider when starting a gratitude journal: a written notebook and a regular practice. There is something that occurs when you write that makes it more real. You have physical evidence of your abundance, an acknowledgment of your riches. When times are tough you can re-visit these pages and remember! A regular practice is whatever you determine. It can be once a week, or daily. You choose.

To make it easy to implement, keep your journal on your nightstand and visit with it before you go to sleep. It not only encourages you to end your day on a high note, it also amplifies the power of your practice and it will sink into your consciousness, thereby making the positive effects even more deeply ingrained in your being.

6 Ways to Focus Your Gratitude

If you're at a loss as to what to be thankful for, focus on these six areas to highlight the positive things in your world. Remember, energy flows where attention goes. The more that you focus on your abundance, the quicker it saturates your world:

1. You. There is SO much to be thankful here. The fact that YOU are here, out of millions of sperm and one egg, YOU made it. There has never been a ‘you' before and there never will be again. You are unique! You are a miracle! Give thanks for your ability to engage the physical world with your 5 senses. Give thanks for your ability to feel love, joy; your ability to mourn and miss. Give thanks for your ability to gift the world around you – especially those you love and care for – with your strengths, gifts and talents. You are one of the wonders of creation. Let's give thanks for you!

2. Natural World. The infinite creative expression of Life boggles the mind. Do you realize that scientists are STILL discovering new species? All you have to do is visit with the natural world – a park, forest, beach, even your own backyard – to discover the beauty, mystery, and abundance of Life. Animals are another source of richness and realness. Spend some time feeling the purr of a cat on your lap, or petting your puppy as you peer into his loving gaze. As you love life, it loves you back!

3. Life Experiences. Travel the timeline of your history for a moment. What a rich and rewarding life you've experienced. Think of all that has occurred and who you have become as a consequence.  Experience again those wonderful pinnacles of peak experiences: the promotions at work, successful moments in your career, your accomplishments and wins. Give thanks for those treasured moments of family holidays and vacations, for the gift of a great education or your dedicated volunteer work. It's the experience that lives on, even after the moment has passed. Life is beautiful, and so are you!

4. Relationships. More than anything, your connections matter most. Long after the external successes have graced you with a last hurrah, it's the people in your life that leave an imprint on your soul. Cherish and give thanks for those whom you are privileged to have in your world: your parents and mentors, your children and students, your colleagues and friends. It's the love and connection to one another that elicits your own!

5. Challenges. It can be tough to say thank you when problems pop up. Visit with those moments of sadness and despair, notice how all experiences serve to create depth and breadth. Beauty that arises as you surrender to the life force moving through you. Give thanks for your ability to learn, adapt and change. You are an evolutionary agent, dynamically in movement with Life.   Tough times evolve you, let's give thanks!

6. Things. It's awesome to have great stuff. And yet, the wonderful things in your life  may often be taken for granted, things like your car,  home, phone or computer. It's easy to dismiss the built-in comfort of the modern world: the air conditioning and heating, food at the local supermarket, ready-made clothing. Not so long ago, the world was a different place. When you think of the ‘stuff' you're grateful for, extend your thanks not only to those who made it, but all of those that came before that have contributed to your abundance today. We all come from a long line of adventurers and pioneers. Let's give thanks for ALL who have made our world possible.

There's plenty of evidence of the good things in your world, especially when you take note of them and start capturing them in a journal. And every now and then allow your gratitude to jump off the page and grace the lives of those around you. Gratitude multiplies when shared, and ripples out into the world blessing everyone, especially you.

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Brought to you by Adela Rubio, Visionary Mentor and Coach.

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