August 23


5 Ways a Power Pal Can Help Create Massive Movement

By Adela Rubio

August 23, 2013

Big Shifts 21-Day

Have you ever crafted a vision and then run into some roadblocks as you were trying to bring it into being?

That's exactly what happened to me in the Spring of 2006. I had just finished a phenomenal advanced coach training with The Evolutionary Institute and was intent on becoming one of their trainers. The next step was a trip to Australia to continue my training. The only problem was, I didn't have the money.

I got back home and the euphoria and excitement of my newfound purpose were blasted to smithereens by the ‘funkadoos,' a term that describes what happens once you get back into your ‘home environment.' I'd experienced this post-conference doggie downer before, but this time it was massive.

I don't remember who called who, but I started connecting with one of my fellow adventurers, Simone Peer. We chatted every day, zhoozing up the way for us to both amp up our energies and make the trip. We made that trip and the next training in England. That's how our Power Pal sessions got started.

When my home fire occurred in February guess who I called to help me navigate the BIG transition? My Power Pal, Simone!

You might have heard of accountability partners but Power Pals are SO much more. A Power Pal helps facilitate your evolutionary expression. We're talking high octane power, purpose, and passion to bring your extraordinary life into BEing!

  1. Shift Resistance. Whenever you launch a BIG intention you’ll experience resistance.  A Power Pal not only supports you through it but sees YOU into being. You've never been seen and heard like this before. It transforms everything.
  2. Celebrate! In our culture, we often don’t feel comfortable talking about our successes but acknowledging your success builds momentum. A Power Pal gives you the opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments and own your wins.
  3. Deep Trust and Knowing. Your Power Pal gets to know quite a bit about your life and vision. You get to reveal things you've never shared before, knowing that it's held in the highest of confidence. You can talk about anything! Imagine having a playground of no secrets or holding back, where you can fully be YOU… no matter how you show up.
  4. No Judgment. Face it. You’re going to fail. At least, I hope you are. Failure is a pit stop on the road to possibility, so if you’re not failing, you’re not in the bigger playground. When you do fail, your Power Pal does not judge you but reminds you where you are on the adventure.
  5. A Cosmic Kick. Sometimes you just need a little boost to get you moving. It’s easy to let things slide or get lazy when it comes to taking action on new ground. Having someone who partners with you on your vision is priceless. Just be prepared for a little tough love once in a while. If you’re not willing to give and take that kind of push, then your Power Pal relationship may not work.

Power Pals are a key to creating massive movement in your world. Power Pals play at the energetic level: BIG energy, BIG movement.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences around Power Pals, please share below.

Image: Thiago082, RK-Sugarbabykk And Frank

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  1. thoughts re power pal:

    a mixture of euphoria, a charlatan and desire
    a once upon a time concept too foreign and alien for my mind
    an idea no longer outside the boundary of a mind
    hmm noticing the stretch
    a resource to be considered
    a risk, a test, a win
    without shame, blame
    a higher stakes game
    worthy of more consideration
    8/23/2013 Angela Barnes

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