3 Things to Be Grateful For

3 Things to Be Grateful For Every Day

By now you’re probably tired of everyone suggesting you count your blessings. “I know! I know! I have SO much to be grateful for.”

Yes. You Do. I Do. And yet sometimes you can fall into the practice of gratitude without the feeling of gratitude. I know I have. When this happens it’s instant feedback as to the heart of my practice. If my focus is on my thinking, and not my feeling, I know I’m in the wrong playground.

Here’s what I do when that happens (and I invite YOU to join me). . .

I close my eyes and breathe
I relax into my breath
I open to its inevitable flow
I notice how good it feels
I surrender into the sensation of
here and now
me and we
I sink further into it
I notice how open and free
it feels to be

Arising from this delicious depth there are 3 things I am ALWAYS grateful for:

  1. I am here. Out of the infinite possibilities at conception I am here. There is NO one quite like you. Admit it! Relish it!
  2. I am an evolutionary being. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve fallen, I can always get up now. As a matter of fact, my failures are a testament to my powers to begin again.
  3. I am free. Most of my limitations are self imposed. Even the external limitations are an opportunity to grow, to be more than I was before.

The more I reflect on these innate gifts, the more I am a co-creator in shaping the world I live in. My life isn’t a happenstance, I am a creative catalyst in it’s unfolding. I am especially equipped for evolutionary leaps!  The next time you fall into a rote gratitude practice remember the cosmic character ready to craft a zinging life. That’s you, darling! Yes, you!

May your blessings be boundless! Happy Thanksgiving!