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Partner Like a Pro: Tactics, Technology and Tools

Whether you’re doing a guest webinar, or hosting/participating in an event, there’s nothing that a joint venture partner loves more than someone who has their message, marketing and technology together. In the 200+ partnerships that I’ve hosted I’ve noticed there are two elements to partnering like a pro: the inner element and the outer element. The […]

Partner Like a Pro: Find Your Business Essence

  Partnership is essential in the new world we’re co-creating. Think of a great friendship, business partner, mastermind or circle. Haven’t you felt the exponential power of aligned interests and intentions? I’ve partnered with more than 200 conscious entrepreneurs and have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. You can make partnership really […]

How to Make Peace and Receive Your Father’s Legacy

I sink into contemplative space on many holidays. They feel especially sacred and pure, as if a portal in time has opened and there is a unique opportunity to create anew. Father’s Day used to elicit conflicting thoughts and feelings, jumbled into a morass of ambiguity and avoidance. Today, my heart is more open. I know […]

How to Awaken the Life Artist Within

The emergence of something new is afoot. Can you feel it? This deep knowing that all is good, or on it’s way, is the heartbeat of my life these days. I’m guessing you’re a highly creative and aware person. Have you felt the inner rumbling of something’s coming? Life often interrupts the matrix. It swaps out […]